Stiffener Free

Achieved Horizontal Imposed Loads

Unlike traditional concrete block masonry, the permitted wall Height & Length of GREENTECH Gypsum Block Wall without Stiffener is more flexible. Stiffener is not required for GREENTECH Gypsum Block wall with wall height ~ 7m, with unlimited linear length restriction, under normal horizontal imposed loads.

Flexible Opening

More Flexible Planning & Construction

Lintel reinforcement is not required for Opening of GREENTECH Gypsum Block Wall with opening width < 1.2m.

The freedom of choice of immediate or later design of openings is an important advantage of GREENTECH Gypsum Block which offers the flexibility of planning and construction.


> 4,000 N Load

GREENTECH Gypsum Block Wall forms stable compact walls with high resistance capability against mechanical loads. Even heavy loads such as kitchen wall cupboards with 4,000 N Load can simply and securely be installed by normal commercial anchors.

No adverse comment to adopt Hilti & Fischer or equivalent equal plastic frame anchor, screw anchor or chemical anchor fasteners onto the GREENTECH Gypsum block wall. All the fixings shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines.

Waterproofing & Tiling

Compatible to Gypsum Block

GREENTECH Gypsum Block is not only with true and smooth surface characteristic, it is also considered as a suitable background for tiling & waterproofing if suitable polymer modified materials & substrate preparation is applied.

Cementitious type waterproofing materials (e.g. Fosroc Brushbond FLXIII) / tile adhesive (e.g. weberset 353 / 383) can also be applied onto the GREENTEFCH Gypsum block, their application should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Skim Coat on Gypsum Block

For the surface to receive a matt paint or smooth wallpaper or wallcovering, the GREENTECH Gypsum Block Wall shall be smoothened in accordance with BS EN 13914. To achieve this standard, an additional levelling skim coat shall be applied.

Skim coat plastering (Gyproc® GypCote TOTAL or other equivalent products) can be applied onto the GREENTEFCH Gypsum block in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.