GREENTECH Gypsum Block



Environmental Friendly

  • Detrimental environmental degradation is formed by coal-fired power plants.
  • Gypsum is formed from a process known as Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD).
  • GREENTECH Gypsum blocks support a 60% decrease in energy consumption in comparison to traditional cement blocks.

Strong and Stable

  • Strong compressive and flexural strength.
  • Stable compact walls with high resistance against mechanical loads.
  • GREENTECH Gypsum block walls can be built up to 9m in height without steel frames.

Water Repellent

  • Formulated with our patented technologies to attain homogenous hydrophobic properties.
  • Achieved Water Repellent Class H1 according to BS EN 12859:2011.
  • Suitable for use in wet areas: kitchen, washroom, etc.

Regulates Room Temperature and Humidity

  • Low thermal conductivity to keep the room temperature cool.
  • Acts as a natural air conditioner to adjust indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Lower energy consumption on air conditioning and dehumidification.

Fire Resistance & Thermal Insulation

  • Gypsum is non-combustible and will not support the spread of fire.
  • Achieved fire rating of 300 minutes in compliance with BS EN 1364-1.

Sound Insulation

  • Can achieve up to STC-60 sound insulation.
  • Special designs are available for areas requiring even higher acoustic performance.

High Construction Efficiency

  • The large format and tongue & groove design of GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks speed up wall construction time.
  • A smooth surface allows construction to proceed with precision and evenness.
  • Flexible E&M construction saves time and cost for construction.

Time & Cost-Effective

  • Elimination of plastering work and steel stiffener works reduces labor, delivery time, transportation fee, construction time, and wastage.
  • Elimination of cement-based plastering works also saves site clearance costs, simultaneously providing a safer and cleaner working environment.

Gypsum Block VS Concrete Block