GREENTECH Gypsum blocks are environmentally friendly building materials used for non-load bearing internal wall partitioning and external wall application.

GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks are supplied to Asia-Pacific region in the majority, with an average annual output of over 600,000 square meters. Therefore, we pay great attention to indoor storage to ensure stable supply and the quality of gypsum blocks that are not affected by the environment.

GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks are made from a recycled material which is flue gas desulphurization (FGD) gypsum, a by-product from power plants. The raw gypsum is first collected, then undergoes our purification and calcination process to remove impurities and excessive water content and produce high-quality gypsum. The gypsum is further formulated with additives and manufactured by our patented technologies to form high-quality GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks.

Oven Drying

Internal Storage