Gypsum Block

1,100 kg and 1,200 kg HIGH-DENSITY

GREENTECH Gypsum blocks undergo various laboratory tests to receive official certification under British and European Standards.  Our product specifications are comprehensive and complete, with test reports validating fire rating, density, sound insulation, water absorption, and the strength of our notable products.  We are proud to provide our customers with products of exceptional design-related attainments.

* Above data are based on tests conducted at standard conditions according to the captioned test methods and our standard drawings. For other special conditions, please consult our representative. Complies with Standards of: BS 5234, BS EN 12859, BS EN 13279, BS EN 1364, BS 476, ASTM E90, ASTM E119

* GREENTECH Gypsum Block meets the fire rating requirement of the International Building Code (IBC), Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings (Hong Kong) & Macau Code.

Video – Installation of Gypsum Wall


Environment Friendly

  • Detrimental environmental degradation is formed by coal-fired power plants.
  • Gypsum is formed from a process known as Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD).
  • GREENTECH Gypsum blocks support a 60% decrease in energy consumption in comparison to traditional cement blocks.
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Awarded Hong Kong Green Label

  • Free of hazardous substances
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Low radioactivity
  • Free of asbestos

Awarded CIC Green Product Certification – Platinum

  • Free of Organophosphates
  • Free of Cyanides
  • Free of CFCs
  • Free of heavy metals

Strong and Stable

  • Density of GREENTECH Gypsum Block
    – 1100kg/m3
    – 1200kg/m3
  • Compressive strength: up to 12MPa
  • Flexural strength: Up to 4MPa
  • Stable compact walls with high resistance against mechanical loads
  • GREENTECH Gypsum block walls can be built up to 9m in height without steel frames
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Carry Heavy Marble

Gypsum block walls can be built > 7m wall in height without steel frames

Water Repellent

  • Hydrophobic GREENTECH Gypsum Block
  • H1 level of water adsorption (BS EN 1285): <2.0% by weight of water absorption capacity is resulted when gypsum block is immersed in water for 2 hours.
  • Applicable for wet area including kitchens, washrooms and places with high humidity expectation.
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Regulates Room Temperature and Humidity

  • Low thermal conductivity to keep the room temperature cool.
  • Acts as a natural air conditioner to adjust indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Lower energy consumption on air conditioning and dehumidification.
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Fire Resistance & Thermal Insulation

  • Non-combustible
  • Compliance with BS EN 1364-1:1999: achieve a fire rating of 240-300mins in both integrity and heat insulation
  • 75/80mm thickness – 180mins 100/150mm thickness – up to 300mins
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Average and maximum temperature rise of specimen over the test period

  • Provide excellent fire protection
  • Able to fulfill high fire protection requirements for areas such as basements and plant rooms

Sound Insulation

  • Can achieve up to STC-60 sound insulation.
  • Special designs are available for areas requiring even higher acoustic performance.
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High Construction Efficiency

  • The large format and tongue & groove design of GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks speed up wall construction time.
  • A smooth surface allows construction to proceed with precision and evenness.
  • Flexible E&M construction saves time and cost for construction.
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Tongue & Groove Design

  • Tongue & Groove design of GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks speed up the wall erection time.
  • Simple tools for MEP services installation after wall construction.
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Flexible MEP Services Installation

GREENTECH Gypsum Block Walling Systems also allows the use of simple hand tools to form grooves and openings for MEP services to be installed after the gypsum block walls are erected. Form engineer’s point of view, it is flexible for E&M construction. This saves critical time and cost for coordination and construction.

Door and Window Frame Installation

Time & Cost-Effective

  • Plastering and steel stiffener are not required for GREENTECH Gypsum Block
    – Save subsequent cost including labour, materials, transportation.
    – Reduce Construction time and wastage
  • Elimination of cement-based plastering works also saves site clearance cost, simultaneously providing a safer and cleaner working environment.
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Gypsum Adhesive GA-90

GREENTECH Gypsum Adhesive GA-90 is a superior gypsum-based adhesive formulated specifically to be used in conjunction with GREENTECH Gypsum block masonry.  As a foundation for GREENTECH Gypsum block masonry, GA-90 provides good adhesion upon easy application in only a short time frame.

We aim to facilitate continuous improvement of our current products alongside the continual growth of our product line. 

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding GREENTECH products.