Environment Friendly

GREENTECH Gypsum blocks have been awarded both the Platinum CIC Green Product Certification and the Hong Kong Green Label for complying with local sustainability standards. 

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Tongue & Groove

GREENTECH Gypsum Blocks are fitted with a tongue and groove joint on all four edges. 

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Gypsum Block

1,100 kg and 1,200 kg HIGH-DENSITY

GREENTECH Gypsum blocks undergo various laboratory tests to receive official certification under British and European Standards.  Our product specifications are comprehensive and complete, with test reports validating fire rating, density, sound insulation, water absorption, and the strength of our notable products.  We are proud to provide our customers with products of exceptional design-related attainments.

Design Specifications

Our design specifications and test results are provided only as a reference.

Summary of Strength and Robustness Test to BS 5234-2:1992

Our test results are provided only as a reference.

Complies with Standards of: BS 5234, BS EN 12859, BS EN 13279, BS EN 1364, BS 476, ASTM E90, ASTM E119

* GREENTECH Gypsum Block meets the fire rating requirement of the International Building Code (IBC), Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings (Hong Kong) & Macau Code


Gypsum Adhesive GA-90

GREENTECH Gypsum Adhesive GA-90 is a superior gypsum-based adhesive formulated specifically to be used in conjunction with GREENTECH Gypsum block masonry.  As a foundation for GREENTECH Gypsum block masonry, GA-90 provides good adhesion upon easy application in only a short time frame.

We aim to facilitate continuous improvement of our current products alongside the continual growth of our product line. 

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding GREENTECH products.