GREENTECH Gypsum Block

= A combination of (1) Solid Block Wall + (2) Drywall
= Having advantages of (1) AAC + (2) Concrete Block + (3) Drywall


Water Repellent

Water absorption rate < 2.5% block

High Density

High Density, >= 1,100 kg/m3

Slimmer Wall

80 / 100 / 150 mm thickness. Save of space: No 15 mm plastering

Cost Saving

Saving stiffener & plastering

Time Saving

Less working process

Environmental Friendly

Recycle materials

Load Bearing

Recommended point load ~ 80 kg per anchor


Effective sound insulation compares with any bare walling system

Fire Rated

4 hours FRR for bare wall & ideal for shaft wall design


Wall openings can be cut easily after wall construction

Clean & Dry

Less wet trade. Less garbage.

Less Materials

Less cost for vertical transportation of mortar, stiffener, plastering